Best Kitchen Stainless Steel Dinner 61 Set in India

  • Color: Silver, Material: Stainless Steel , Laser design- comes with an attractive floral laser design in floral design ; Convenience Features: Stain Resistant, Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe ; Other Features: Permanent lazer designs
  • Package Contents: 6-Piece full Plates, 6-Piece Quarter Plates, 6-Piece Halwa Plates, 6-Piece Veg Bowls, 6-Piece Chutney Bowls, 6-Piece Glasses, 6-Piece Forks, 6-Piece Spoons, 6-Piece Dessert Spoons, 3-Piece Handis, 3-Piece Serving Spoons and 1-Piece Rice Tray
  • Diameter: Full Plate- 28.5 cm inch, Half Plat- 19 cm inch, Veg Bowl- 10 cm inch, Halwa Plate- 12 cm inch, Glass-9 cm inch, Rice plate- 35 cm inch, Serving spoon- 22 cm inch, Handi 1- 20 cm, Handi 2- 18cm, Handi 3- 16 cm inch, Chatni bowl- 6 cm inch, Cutlery -16 cm inch
  • Material and grade- made from high quality and durable 202 ss steel grade
  • Features – laser printed, rust proof, bpa free. Finish : Mirror. Design : Floral
  • Weight of all Items: Full Plate (Weight: 280g),
  • Quarter Plate (Weight:140g),
  • Halwa Plates (Weight: 55g),
  • Veg Bowls (Weight: 55g),
  • Chutney Bowls (Weight: 17g),
  • Glasses (Weight: 100g),
  • Forks (Weight: 22g),
  • Spoons (Weight: 48g),
  • Dessert Spoons (Weight: 55g),
  • Handis (Weight: 143g),
  • Serving Spoons (Weight: 80g) and Rice Tray (Weight: 300g)
  • Country of Origin: India


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Best Kitchen Stainless Steel Dinner 61 Set in India

The Best kitchen Stainless Steel Dinner 61 set is the best for the family, which would be great to use the dinner set at dinner or at festival time. Which it has 61 sets which has its material stainless steel, laser design with floral design which seems quite attractive. And steel is silver color of stainless. You must have seen in the features that we are getting what in 61 sets.
This is the Best Stainless Steel Dinner 61 set. This set will make you feel good eating with family or relatives. Because every set with a plate, glass, spoon, if not, little
Sounds strange This set is made according to dinner like chutney is also required, we have a bowl of chutney and put a tray for rice or glass in it. Both of which can be saved in work, if the family does not have a set of utensils, the status of the family is seen as flame.

Best Kitchen Stainless Steel Dinner Set in India

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